October 26th - October 29th, 2016

The Westin San Diego

400 West Broadway San Diego, CA 92101

The Ultimate Millionaire Summit

Smart Money. Smart People.

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Our Lineup

Meet a few of our amazing speakers

Loral Langemeier

Money Expert, Bestselleing Author

One of today’s most visible, innovative & fearless money experts, Loral Langemeier is a 5-time New York Times bestseller and has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Dr. Phil, “The Secret,” among others.

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, TV Personality

With over 500 product launches that have resulted in more than $4 billion in sales worldwide, Kevin is one of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial world and was one of the original sharks on the hit show “Shark Tank.”

Thomas Blackwell


Thomas Blackwell travels the world as a high demand speaker and inspires small business owners on how to automate their sales and marketing in order to dominate their market. He is an entrepreneur, an author, a husband, and a father of four beautiful girls. One of his greatest accomplishments is convincing his high school sweetheart to marry him.

Brent Attaway

Marketing Strategist, Infusionsoft Expert

Brent Attaway is a nationally recognized marketing strategist and marketing funnel expert. He’s the #1 marketing funnel consultant in the world for high paid consultants, coaches, and speakers. He’s also a Infusionsoft Certified Partner and a leading innovator in creating automated marketing funnels using Infusionsoft.

Glenn Morshower

Actor, Motivational Speaker

As a famed actor on the hit TV show “24,” Glenn Morshower has also gained significant notoriety in the motivational speaking industry, hosting his incredibly enlightening seminar “The Extra Mile” in locations across the world.

Tom Powell

Investment Manager and Banker

Tom Powell is an innovative investment manager and banker with expertise in raising capital, investment risk analysis, distressed debt recovery, and deal structure. Tom’s focus is on the art and science of raising, deploying, and managing investment capital across various spectrums from commercial real estate to venture startups.

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How it works.

Here's what to expect out of our seminar.

  • Internationally acclaimed keynote speakers delivering cutting-edge content you can use TODAY to grow |your business.
  • Access to vetted vendors used by our experts and entrepreneurial community to build |their own businesses to 6 & 7 figures.
  • Opportunities to network, mastermind and party with an international community of high-level |entrepreneurs, investors, speakers and consultants.
  • Mastermind groups...if you aren't in one aSlready, what are you waiting for?!
  • Real Estate Investing for Accelerated ROI: Learn how to buy single, multifamily and commercial |properties with no money down. (Investment opportunities are |likely during the Summit.)
  • Professional "Sharking" with Loral Langemeier: Got a multi-million-dollar idea with no funding to get |it off the ground? We will be listening to pitches and |providing feedback. (And more importantly, we’ll be investing |in some of these projects … Maybe even yours!)
  • Franchise Training:  Discover the art of franchising – how to choose the best franchise for your needs; how to own and operate a |consistent, cash-generating franchise; or simply how to walk |into a franchise solely as an investor. (Franchise |opportunities are likely to be available during the Summit.)
  • Accelerating Your Assets:  Find out how you can accelerate the ROI on your asset |base by learning how serious wealth-builders allocate assets |and evaluate asset classes.. (Many asset classes may be |available for even small investors during the Summit!)
  • If You’re Serious About Building Wealth,  This Is THE Place To Be

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Space is limited. Dont miss your chance for the chance of your business lifetime

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Jenny T.

“From 2010 until now, I have developed the relationships along with the business acumen to grow. And now I’m expanding into an international market. I have a true business that supports me and my family…I have to give full credit to Loral & this community.”
- Jenny T.

Glenn M.

“If you haven’t ever attended an Ultimate Millionaire Summit event, I’m wondering what cave you’ve been living in. Her events are fabulous. We have nothing but go-getter human beings who love YES! energy, and I happen to be one of them.”
- Glenn Morshower

Patty C.

“As a Harvard MBA, I learned how to be the CEO of a big company, but not CEO of my smaller business…I’ve gotten that and so much more through this community.”
- Patty C.

Hop in the Tank!

Our seminar features a live shark tank where your products and ideas can be scrutinized LIVE


  • Connect with Millionaires & Motivated Wealth Builders. Build new partnerships, learn new ideas from real-life success stories and connect with potential collaborators.
  • Up-level Your Wealth-Building. Gain wealth-building skills and training you wished you learned in school!
  • Enrich your Social Sphere. Up your 5-person average with other committed wealth-builders.
  • Million-Dollar Location. San Diego is the playground of millionaires!
  • Make A Difference. The Ultimate Millionaire Summit connects you with wealth-builders and worthy causes. The people you meet know how to make a bigger difference and can. You just may find that perfect cause to support – or supporters for your own worthy charities!

Kids Are People Too!

You won’t find tomorrow’s millionaires on Wall Street.

That’s because they’re in your neighborhood (and maybe even in your house).

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These are the next generation of wealth-builders and they need training and support too ...

By the time a kid is 18, she or he has had years of financial ‘education’ by default, thanks to the adults around them, the educational system and the media. That’s why the best way to ensure your kids gain financial literacy that lasts a lifetime is to teach them when they’re young.

It’s also why the Ultimate Millionaire Summit 2016 offers a Business Bootcamp for Kids*. If you’ve got children, here’s why enrolling them is so valuable ...

  • Build Their First Cash-Machine:  With the help of Bootcamp Mentors, kids ages 8-19 will determine their own Cash Machine Based on the Live Out Loud Skillset Analyzer and their own unique gifts, interests and talents.
  • Learn Financial Literacy and a Success-Oriented Mindset:  One of the biggest things kids take on at a young age is the mindset of the adults around them. If there’s limitation around money, opportunities or success, that’s how the child will navigate their adult life. It's not too late to un-do limiting financial beliefs or negative programming around entrepreneurship and money. Business Bootcamp for Kids is designed to help build confidence in their skills so they can start looking at the world as full of opportunities!
  • Gain Confidence and Valuable Team-Building Skills:   Games and fun activities will bring a spirit of collaboration to the Summit’s “junior” attendees. These are the experiences that provide kids with the confidence and education to engage the world in a more empowered way.
  • Develop Business Know-How: Mentors will teach Bootcamp attendees core business-building skills like:   Modeling a Business, Managing Money, Revenue Modeling; Clarifying Target Audience and “What is Your Why?”
  • Marketing 101 Training:   30-Day Plans, 120-Day plans and Funnel-Building are just 3 of the essential (and fun!) marketing training sessions in store for Bootcamp Kids.
  • Learn Sales Skills:   Children will gain key sales skills to last a lifetime like: Selling versus Serving; Holding “Ask-Tell-Ask” Conversations; How to Sell in a Marketplace and much more!

Ultimate Millionaire Summit 2016

October 26 - October 29, 2016

San Diego, California

Kids Biz School
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Teen Investment: $297

3 Fully Packed Days!

*The Ultimate Millionaire Summit’s Business Bootcamp for Kids is available for children and teens ages 8-19. Your investment is $297 per child/teen. Kids will be supervised by Live Out Loud community members, staff and volunteers of adult age. A waiver of liability will be required to be signed by the teen and parent or legal guardian upon registration.


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